Celebrating 50 Years

    For more than 50 years, Welded Construction, L.P. has built a reputation for providing what our customers want: value. We have succeeded for over half a century by not cutting corners. We deliver to our clients their most important project concerns: quality, safety, price, and schedule.

    Originally founded by Hank Mogg & Harold Fluharty (both pipeline welders) in the 1940’s. With Hank Mogg’s return in 1966 we have grown from a welding subcontractor with a few employees, to a highly respected mainline contractor, of over 50 full time staff, and have had project spreads of over 600 employees that are capable of handling pipeline construction projects installing pipeline up to 48″ in diameter. With over 75,000 inch-miles of pipeline installed since 1988, Welded Construction offers our customers the benefit of the experience and expertise that comes from over three generations of pipeline construction.

    History & Tradition

    Welded Construction got its start in the pipeline industry primarily working in the Midwestern part of the United States. Since moving our headquarters to  Perrysburg, Ohio in the mid 1970’s, our strategic location, at the intersection of Interstates 75 and 80, along with our commitment to our clients’ needs, and the continuing demand for natural gas has allowed us to expand our focus to the point that we’re qualified to do business in 38 states. Project locations over the past years have ranged East to Maine, West to Washington and South to Louisiana, along with work in the regional states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky.”

    All operations directly related to pipeline construction are performed by Welded employees. For specialty operations such as right-of-way clearing, Horizontal Directional Drills (HDD) seeding and mulching, and paving; Welded leverages the expertise of industry leading subcontractors.

    Welded Construction, L.P. is signatory to the National Pipeline Agreement (NPLA) and is a member of the Pipeline Contractors Association (PLCA).

    The Welded team is dedicated to addressing the needs of our customers on every pipeline project. This dedication has made Welded one of the largest and most relied upon mainline contractors in the United States. When an owner selects Welded Construction, L.P., it is hiring a professional team with a proven track record of quality, efficiency, safety, and value. Don’t just take our word for it:

    “We’re proud of our reputation–ask those we have worked for.”