Committed to Safety

    For more than 50 years, Welded Construction, L.P. has delivered high-quality pipeline construction services, while protecting the safety and health of our people and the environment. Our safety program uses tools for compliance in applicable regulatory, statutory and industry safe work practices. These tools help Welded conduct business in a safe manner that meets our goal of Zero Accidents/Incidents.


    Project safety begins with the bidding process. By being involved in the earliest stages of a project, it helps our teams to identify the procedures and policies to plan and execute projects safely. Items such as the Safety Execution Plan and Emergency Action Plan create a site specific plan for safety hazards. First aid/medical coverage, spill prevention, where to find the nearest hospitals and clinics are just a few of the topics covered by project specific plans helping the entire project be prepared for emergencies should they arise. Additionally, specific task planning during the project is conducted by individual crews on a daily basis through the use of our Job Hazard Analysis (JSA).


    Employee safety training is an important aspect in our project’s success. Many regulatory training requirements exist in the construction industry in order to ensure worker protection from hazards in the workplace. Welded Construction, L.P. guarantees compliance and always continues so strive for Zero Accidents/Incidents in every aspect of every project.


    Project monitoring consists of project audits, crew inspections, management surveys and evaluations, employee perception surveys and observation, and coaching reports. Additionally, incident reports and the data accumulated identify the leading indicators and behavioral aspects that allow us to focus on improvements and corrective actions before an incident.


    Immediate reporting of each and every incident helps us implement our goal of Zero Accidents/Incidents. Our commitment to service, safety, quality, and the environment is not only our approach to all construction projects, but it is the core of our values as a business. Discover the difference our commitment can make.