Mainline Pipeline Construction

    Welded Construction, L.P. is a highly respected mainline pipeline contractor capable of executing pipeline construction projects ranging from 10″ to 56 ” diameter in lengths from a few hundred feet to over 200 miles. We perform our own road boring, open cut river crossing and hydrostatic testing. Welded Construction, L.P. also offers many specialty services such as:

    Launcher/Receiver and Meter/Regulator Station Construction

    We perform fabrication welding, foundation construction, instrumentation installation, painting, and fencing.

    Compressor Station Piping, MLV/Interconnect Piping Installation

    Our teams provide heavy wall pipe and fabrication welding utilizing SMAW, GMAW, and Semi-Automatic GMAW processes. We also do post weld heat treating as required by welding procedures, install hot tap and stopple fittings, and assist hot tapping contractors in compliance with all applicable requirements.

    Pipeline Integrity Verification

    In addition to hydrostatic testing on in-service pipelines, our teams can pre-clean pipelines to meet environmental discharge requirements. We also work with geometric and electromagnetic inspection tool companies to perform in-line inspections

    Pipeline Anomaly Investigation and Rehabilitation

    We investigate anomalies and employ qualified Clock Spring installers. Our teams have the experience to expose and repair anomalies in the toughest conditions, including wetlands and below stream bottoms. We install our own sheet piling and have utilized the Port-a-dam System to perform replacements and removal within the banks of major rivers.

    Pipeline Segment Replacement

    We perform pipeline upgrades, either in situ or offset and relay. We can also minimize pipeline outage duration, because we do our own hydrostatic testing and can provide the necessary personnel and equipment.

    Emergency Readiness

    In order to provide immediate response to pipeline or facility emergencies, all Welded employees are drug tested year-round. Welded qualifies employees under the Midwest ENERGY Association (MEA), Veriforce, and National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) systems, as well as client-specific programs to provide coverage for all our customers.